10 Weeks Pregnant

At 10 weeks pregnant, you are officially ¼ of the way through your pregnancy! Even if nausea or morning sickness have made this feel like an awfully long 10 weeks, just imagine how much you and your baby have gone through already! In just 10 weeks, you conceived, found out you were pregnant, and have (as of this week) left the “embryonic” stage and entered into the “fetal” stage. With 30 weeks left to go, you have a lot to do and much to think about (and be distracted by), so taking the time to find out what your baby is doing (and even what’s going on in your own body) can help to bring things back into focus.

Your body has probably changed dramatically in response to the pregnancy by now. Even if other people can’t recognize your pregnancy, you’ve probably noticed everything changing from your breast size to your waistline. Even veins you never knew you had can start appearing now due to the increased blood volume your body’s storing up for the baby! At 10 weeks pregnant, you (and the people closest to you) can celebrate the fact that your hormone fluctuations will begin to level out now. As an added plus to the reduction in sever mood swings, the nausea and vomiting you may have been experiencing is going to subside quite a bit with the leveling out of those hormones, too.

In this beautiful 10th week of pregnancy, your baby has grown to between 1¼– 1½” and it is a very busy week! Although you won’t be able to feel them just yet, this is the week that she’ll start making physical movements with her arms and legs.

All of your baby’s features are becoming more defined and developed. From her eyelids to her mouth to her fingers and toes, every day brings forth more definition in her physical character. It’s an exciting week for him or her, too, because the external genitalia will start developing; only 10 more weeks until you get to see it for yourself on that computer screen… and decide to go with the corresponding color theme you’ve probably already decided upon.

Just to recap, your baby is becoming an actual baby and you are becoming an actual mommy! Although you can’t feel her movements just yet, the time will come when you feel the flutters and kicks you dream about. Between now and week 40, your primary focus should remain on keeping yourself healthy and providing the best for baby. Walking or some daily form of exercise, nutritious foods and prenatal vitamins, brushing and flossing daily, and good rest are the top priorities of every happy pregnant woman. Enjoy this 10th week of pregnancy; once its gone, you can’t get it back!

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