11 Weeks Pregnant

At 11 weeks pregnant, you and your baby are both starting to adjust to your new physical states. In just the past 11 weeks, your baby has gone from a twinkle in your eye to a ball of rapidly dividing cells to a living being in your body! You have also undergone some major changes yourself; even if you were trying, finding out you’re going to be a parent is a shocker (even if you’ve already done this song and dance before!), you may have experienced morning sickness, and your body and mind seem to have developed a heightened sensitivity to noises and smells that may not have bothered you at all before. It’s all part of this exciting process, and this week is no less exciting than any of the rest!

Although it has taken some time for your baby to grow from a ball of cells to what she is now, this week she starts to look more like a baby. She has grown to be around 2½” long (or about the size of a kiwi) and her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are becoming more distinctive. Just as she’s starting to look more normal, this is also the week that she’ll start to develop light hair all over her body, but have no fear… the hair acts as a protective barrier for now and fades before the birth. Between this week and next week, her heartbeat will become loud enough for you to hear at your upcoming appointment. Although her heartbeat is strong enough to be heard using a Doppler, you wouldn’t be able to detect it with a stethoscope.

In your body, you probably fit the description of feeling totally normal or completely out of whack! Although this is a good point for your hormones to be calming down, some women tend to experience pregnancy anxiety, off and on, throughout their pregnancy. At 11 weeks pregnant, your pre-maternity clothes may be more than a little snug, and if this is a subsequent pregnancy, you’re most likely showing by now. Luckily for those professional mommies who already have a child, your uterus tends to “remember” what its supposed to do, and reacts faster (by growing and showing faster) than those in their first pregnancy. A major plus that starts to develop at 11 weeks pregnant is the strengthening of your hair and nails, and the “pregnancy glow” people talk so much about; hormones, vitamins, and nutrients start figuring out how to best work together and these are three areas that definitely benefit.

Just to summarize, this week is all about you! Being 11 weeks pregnant, you are now probably needing maternity clothes, and you’re probably experiencing less nausea and stomach discomfort than in the past couple weeks; if your queasiness is the same, have faith that it will most likely subside over the course of the next week or two. Your baby is growing and becoming her own little person quite quickly, now. With her facial features, fingers and toes all becoming more babyish, she’s becoming more of what you envision (as opposed to the tadpole). Keep on track with all of your good habits, and eliminating any bad (if there are any left), and you’ll be done with this week and onto the next before you know it!

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