13 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations for reaching the “13 Weeks Pregnant” mark! Although every week brings more and more growth and excitement, the 13th week of pregnancy is actually a very big deal because your chances of miscarrying drop significantly! With all of the other things to worry about, your mind can be put at ease with that piece of information. Most pregnant women report feeling much better in their 13th week; diminished feelings of nausea, more relaxed hormones, and an overall feeling that the pregnancy is actually “real” can add up to a lot less stress that was initially felt.

At 13 weeks pregnant, your uterus has left your pelvis and is detectable in your low abdomen by your healthcare provider. You’re still not feeling the movements of your baby just yet, but you may notice twinges of pain in your belly. Although uncomfortable, these are just “round ligament pain” sensations that result from your uterus growing and stretching the ligaments around it. Words to describe the pain can range from “stabbing” to “shooting” or “dull aches” and can happen momentarily, or last for a couple of minutes. Take note, though: if your pain is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, vomiting, or dizziness, you should contact your healthcare provider. To relieve the discomfort, stretching and staying well-hydrated seem to help; this is just one more instance where proper nutrition can’t hurt!

Your baby is almost 3” long, now! Her head still accounts for most of her length, but she actually looks like a real baby! With her eyes set closer together, her ears in the right position, and her nose more pronounced, her tiny body is looking much more like you envision her every day. Her kidneys are producing urine, and her brain is still working diligently to create all of the necessary connections that will one day help her recognize your voice and use her feet to run into your arms! As a health tip for you and your baby, be careful about the sunscreens and vitamins you’re taking in terms of their Vitamin A content; although this is an important time to consume extra needed vitamins and nutrients, Vitamin A can actually be harmful to your unborn baby if you absorb too much.

With your pregnancy moving full-steam ahead, try to remain as stress-free as possible With the good news that being 13 weeks pregnant moves you into a safer bracket for full-term probability, take the opportunity to relax your mind about the baby’s safety. Remember to eat right, exercise, and stretch in order to minimize the pain that’s caused by your uterus stretching. You can also find peace in knowing that your baby actually does look like you picture her… except she is only about 3” long. As always, remember that your doctor’s office is only a phone call away, and the people who work there have heard every question imaginable…so they won’t be annoyed with any of yours.

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