20 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! At 20 weeks pregnant, you have finally reached the half-way point of your pregnancy! Although the ride has probably been a crazy one of morning sickness, mood swings, and normal feelings of unsure doubt and anxiety, you can find relief in that the remainder of your pregnancy will feel much faster than the first half… at least most women report feeling that way. With the countdown to your baby’s birth fast approaching, try to relish in the remainder of your pregnancy and the beautiful baby you’ll spend the rest of your life loving!

At 20 weeks pregnant, you’re probably celebrating the fact that you’re half-way done with your pregnancy. Although pregnancy and birth are a wonderful part of life, many women struggle with the anticipation of meeting their baby throughout the 40 weeks… and the extra weight that makes you obviously pregnant by this point. Your healthcare provider is able to track your baby’s growth and progress by taking the “fundal height measurement” in centimeters from the top of your pubis bone to the top of your uterus; this measurement is expected to correlate with your number of weeks. If you are not meeting up with the expected measure for your week, there’s no need for worry, though. With all of the medical technology you’ve experienced in the past 20 weeks (fetal Doppler heart monitors, ultrasounds, and blood tests), most serious problems would have been detected by now, so you can breathe easy.

Your baby is continuing to grow rapidly, and his head is becoming more proportionate to his body. At 10” long and weighing between 10 and 11 ounces, your baby is almost half its newborn length, the same size as a large mango! In addition to the rapid growth of your baby’s body, the vernix (the white sticky protective layer) that will cover your baby’s body for protection and maintenance of that “baby soft” skin is beginning to develop. With the focus of this week being on his practicing of “breathing” the amniotic fluid that surrounds him, your baby is taking the strides that will help him survive the real world in a matter of only 20 weeks! Most pregnancies range between 37 and 42 weeks. A number of factors like genetics, previous births, previous cesarean births, and health habits during your pregnancy can give you an idea of your tendency to deliver early, on time, or late, but there is really no true way to tell exactly when you’ll deliver.

20 weeks pregnant not only marks the half-way point of your pregnancy, but also the countdown to your baby’s birth! With, both, you and your baby making drastic changes and growth apparent in every week, the main focus from this point on should be on maintaining a healthy, happy, stress-free, and optimistic attitude. Worry helps nothing, and any major concerns can be put to rest by your healthcare provider. Have peace in knowing that you will be meeting your little one in a matter of only 20 short weeks, so try to put anxiety to rest and relish the remaining months of pregnancy.

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