21 Weeks Pregnant

At 21 weeks pregnant, your focus may be so scattered that the feeling of being overwhelmed can seem like the only constant. Planning a baby shower, prepping the nursery, choosing a name, and trying to keep all of your pregnancy health tips in check can be a lot to deal with. Keep in mind that, with all of the pressures of daily life still ongoing and only adding to any baby anxiety going on, your pregnancy has to remain top priority. With your due date seemingly far away, you’d be surprised how quickly 19 short weeks can fly by, but that’s no reason to stress about all that has to be done before your baby’s arrival. Try to keep your focus on your health and your baby’s well-being to ensure your happiest pregnancy possible.

In your pregnancy, unnecessary stressors like anxious situations, unnerving people, and endless to-do lists can be easily maneuvered by excusing yourself simply by being honest: feeling tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, and fed up, pregnant women have been blaming their need to go home on their pregnancy for years… and the most beautiful part is that nobody gets offended! In order to preserve your energy (and your sanity!), it’s perfectly acceptable to avoid stressful scenarios as much as possible for your sake and your baby’s. At 21 weeks pregnant, your body is working hard to promote a healthy baby’s best environment which can be taxing and tiresome on your part. Feeling better than your morning sickness moments and “can’t even lift my head off the pillow” fatigue in early pregnancy, you still need to take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you are eating right, exercising (and exercising correctly!), keeping stress at a minimum, and getting enough rest and relaxation. By fulfilling these simplistic needs now, you’ll have the best pregnancy, the healthiest baby, and the happiest postpartum experience, too!

At 21 weeks pregnant, you’re noticing your size changing and your baby is experiencing the same exact thing. Now the size of a banana, your baby weighs about 12 ounces… she’s not even a pound yet, but she’s busy packing it on and packing it in. Adding to her layers of skin, the amount of body fat she has, and the complexity of her brain functioning and other body systems, all of her time and energy is honing in on perfecting her perfection! Over the course of the next 19 weeks, your baby has a lot of growing to do.

Although her weight and height may increase at a slower rate from here on out, her growth will be most noticeable in her internal, physical, and mental processes. Everything from preparing her lungs for breathing oxygen to stretching her fingers and toes will need to be mastered before her birth. Although she may already be blessed with your features, she still has a lot of work to do. Provide her with the nourishment, activity, and rest that your body needs to make everything available to her.

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