23 Weeks Pregnant

At 23 weeks pregnant, your life must revolve, if it isn’t already, around your health and your baby’s health! Because there is a wide range of health concerns for mothers and their unborn babies at this point in pregnancy, it is best to take all of the measures possible to safeguard your body and your baby from any harm possible. You can work with your doctor or midwife to lay any unnecessary concerns to rest, and acknowledge any that may be a very real consideration. With the next 17 weeks being a major part of your baby’s development, there will be tests and scans done to determine your level of susceptibility to any health issues that could complicate your pregnancy, labor or delivery. Without worries, you can ensure your baby’s safety by being cautious and smart for the remainder of these important 40 weeks.

This week, your baby has broken the 1 pound mark, and at around 11” long her size could probably best be compared to your running shoe! Her perfect features and small replica-like version of her newborn self resembles that of a baby doll you’d see on a store shelf! Each and every day from this point on, your baby will undergo all of the necessary growth that will strengthen his body’s ability to survive following his birth. If premature birth is a concern of yours, it is well-founded but less dangerous with each passing day and week. At the point of only 23 week pregnant, your baby would have a questionable chance at surviving outside the womb; although this sounds like grim news, consider it a blessing that every day you carry your child past the 23 week point increases his chance of survival almost exponentially.

At 23 weeks pregnant, you need to remain constantly aware of your body and how you’re feeling. Lightheaded, dizziness, flush, abnormally exhausted, suddenly bloated, tingling extremities, abnormal swelling of the hands or feet, and lessened fetal movement are all valid reasons for contacting your doctor or midwife. Your blood will be checked for gestational diabetes, iron levels, and a myriad of other factors that could cause complications or needs for concern. Your baby’s location, growth, weight, heartbeat and rate, and movement will all be monitored in each doctor’s appointment from now until the birth. All of these tests are normal for all pregnancies and help immensely in ruling out or identifying any possible problems that could be addressed or taken care of now. Sleeping, eating healthy fruits and vegetables, exercising for your particular needs, correcting your posture, and living a lifestyle that would promote the best environment for your baby will all do wonders in ensuring your pregnancy, labor, and delivery go as smoothly as possible.

Without worrying too much, try to remain focused on your health for the greater good of your baby. Be a proactive 23 weeks pregnant by maintaining a healthy, stress-free, and balanced lifestyle, you can promote a healthy full-term pregnancy that will result in a beautiful, happy, healthy baby… and mommy! Although there are many topics of concern for pregnant women and health issues that can arise, your doctor or midwife is there to answer any questions you may have and lay any of your concerns to rest. If there is a health issue identified in your pregnancy, know that you are not alone and do your best to educate yourself and change your lifestyle accordingly. Be happy to be pregnant. Be stress-free for your own sake. Be educated for you both.

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