24 Weeks Pregnant

At 24 weeks pregnant, you have officially made it to month six of your pregnancy! Although a full term pregnancy lasts nine calendar months, the actuality of pregnancy is that it requires the full 40 weeks or ten whole months to make an adorable healthy baby! Until you’ve been pregnant, or have been close to someone who is, you may not know that little tidbit of info. This week is another exciting one for you and your baby. More time equals more growth and better health, so every week should be a welcomed point in your pregnancy.

Your belly is definitely giving away your condition at 24 weeks pregnant. Your uterus has reached about 1½” above your belly button, and you probably feel your belly expanding out to the sides also. Most women report itchiness that results from the skin of the belly stretching as their most uncomfortable issue at this point. The itchy skin can be soothed with lightly fragranced extremely hydrating lotions. With your baby and your uterus growing so much, though, you’re probably feeling more and more fetal movements and getting a pretty good sense of his or her “routine”. Certain foods, loud noises, and uncomfortable positions may make your little one make a strong adjustment inside your belly… which can make for one crazy case of baby moves.

This week, your baby is almost 12” long and weighs about 1 ¼ pounds! All is moving rather quickly for your little one, and every day makes for even more progress and a better chance for your baby to have the healthiest and happiest chance after birth. At 24 weeks pregnant, you’ve probably found out your baby’s sex and, even if you’ve decided to not find out the sex until the birth, you’re probably dying to know what he or she looks like. If you just can’t wait to see your little one face to face, or would like to have some wonderful (and pretty unique) pictures and video footage of your baby in the womb, a 4D ultrasound may be right up your alley. Speak to your doctor or midwife about your interest in 4D ultrasound to find out more information.

In yet another amazing week of your pregnancy, at 24 weeks pregnant, you and your baby are making wonderful progress. All of the growth your baby has made can be scheduled to actually be seen in a 4D ultrasound later in your pregnancy… a wonderful opportunity for excited and anxious expectant moms who just can’t wait! Although there are still more benchmarks to meet and beat, your belly and your baby are growing and becoming more beautiful with each passing day! Savor the glow, the feeling, and the love that you feel for your baby now, and just imagine how much it will grow in the next 16 weeks and the many years to follow!

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