25 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to your third trimester! At 25 weeks pregnant, your belly and body are beaming! Your baby is growing like a weed, and you’re in the best part of your pregnancy with all of the perks and a minimal amount of discomfort! It doesn’t get any better than this! The strangest part of your days at this point may be the tendency of absolute strangers to stop you in your tracks while grocery shopping to feel your belly. Some women find it cute while others take it as an invasion of space. If you’re okay with it, great! If not, the best tip is to head off the touchy belly-feelers by putting your own hand on your belly as they near, and if they extend their hand, extend yours too for a nice handshake instead of a tummy rub!

Weighing in at a pound and a half and around 13½” in length from head to toe, about the size of a small bag of sugar, 25 weeks pregnant is an amazing point of development for your baby! This week marks the beginning of the bone formation and structural organization of your baby’s spine! Although it sounds like just another developmental milestone, your baby’s spine will provide structural support for your baby’s body, and its healthy development is one of the most important aspects of his life and quality of that life. In addition to the spine, the lungs are maturing as well! Preparing for breathing oxygen outside the womb, tiny air sacs and blood vessels are developing in his lungs each and every day at a rapid speed.

Your glowing condition is great at 25 weeks pregnant! With your belly noticeably pregnant, but still small enough to maneuver around, your body is still your own. One of the major discomforts that are reported at this point is lower back pain. With all of the distortion on our spine and the very different weight placement brought on by your pregnancy, back pain can be a dull discomfort or a stabbing pain. Heat packs and heating pads should be approved by your physician, but rest and lying down to relieve the pressure on your back can work wonders for relief! If the pain gets too excruciating, which can occur in some women, it may be beneficial to see a chiropractor who is familiar with prenatal alignment. Pay attention to your posture throughout the day and try to remember that your head, neck, back, and hips should all align as though a string is able to make a straight line through all points.

With 15 weeks to go, you’re doing great and feeling great! Keep your chin, and your spirits, up and make the most of your great experience. By minimizing the time you spend on your feet, and maximizing your down time you can spend on your back or your side, your shoulders and back will feel rejuvenated. Make sure you pay attention to your posture while you sit, stand, walk, exercise,… and any other point throughout the day that you may be exerting pressure on your spine. 25 weeks pregnant is a great time for you and your baby: glowing and growing, you feel great! Growing, maturing, and developing, your baby is an actual baby now; and with an 80% chance of survival if born premature at this point, your baby is making great strides. Every day he spends inside his increasingly tight quarters is another day of amazing growth.

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