26 Weeks Pregnant

At 26 weeks pregnant, you are probably complaining about water retention, and your baby is listening to each and every word! The discomfort of pregnancy can change week by week. With morning sickness, mood swings, back pain, dizziness, exhaustion, and water retention all taking turns throughout these blessed 40 weeks, you’re not likely to have a boring day throughout! Most, if not all, of the not-so-great pregnancy symptoms can be relieved with at-home treatments (back pain and water retention) or prescription medicine (nausea). Research and self-education can be your best defense against discomfort in your baby-making process.

Although the idea of your baby being a miniature version of her self was hopeful and idealistic at one point early on, that same idea of her is exactly right, now. At 26 weeks pregnant, you are accommodating a newly 1½ pound baby who has grown to reach approximately 14”! With all of the maturing going on, the most notable changes are in her hearing this week. Because of her new ability to hear increasingly more each and every day, she may even react to loud noises or raised voices. With loud sounds in a theater or simply turning on the vacuum, you may feel her jump or shift. This maturation in her hearing means that you can begin playing your favorite sweet melodies to your little one even now. By playing Norah Jones softly as you lie down to sleep for the night, you may be surprised how she reacts to the same tunes at the same time once she’s born. Even this early, the true fun of parenting begins: schedule-keeping!

At 26 weeks pregnant, your expanding (and sometimes itchy) belly may be the least of your discomfort. Water retention in your hands, feet, arms, legs, and face can be a real bummer when you want to look and feel your best. Some pregnant women find themselves adding to the problem of water retention by limiting the amount of water they drink; in order to reduce the water retention experienced in pregnancy, the three most helpful tips are to increase your daily water intake above the normal eight 8 oz. glasses, elevate your feet when given the opportunity, and promote circulation in your legs by walking even as little as a couple minutes every 30 minutes.

At 26 weeks pregnant, you’re inching closer to your due date and feeling yourself expand to accommodate your bundle of joy’s new growth every day. With all of the slight discomforts you may experience between now and the birth of your baby, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of home-made remedies that can be safe and effective at relieving discomfort. A little research into pregnancy symptoms and their remedies has been a big help to pregnant women since the introduction of the internet. Just remember to run any new remedy you plan to try by your healthcare provider first. Even herbs and supplements that may seem as safe as herbal tea can have harmful or unknown effects on you and your unborn baby. Be smart and be comfortable by educating yourself on all of your options.

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