27 Weeks Pregnant

At 27 weeks pregnant, you may start feeling more and more “ready” for your pregnancy to come to an end. With the mounting anticipation of meeting your little one, the amazing upcoming responsibility of parenting, and the increasing weight and occasional discomfort adding up to create a perfect storm in your “baby brain”, you may feel like you’re going crazy. Keep craziness away by knowing that everything will happen in due time; either you will deliver early, on time, or late… but you will deliver and there is no true way of knowing when (aside from a scheduled c-section). Find peace, keep peace, and stay sane… for you only have 13 more weeks!

Having just reached 2 pounds and approximately 14½”now, your baby is moving on to another amazing sense this week: sight! With hearing down, she has moved on to the amazing stage of being able to open her previously sealed eyelids. Although she may be enclosed in your very snug uterus that protects her from almost everything, she will still able to see strong light through the skin of your belly eventually. Intense sunlight and the sudden light of a flashlight can invoke a jumping response from your little one in the upcoming days and weeks. 27 weeks pregnant, and giving your baby the amazing senses of sight and sound… it feels great to be a mommy at times like this!

For you, at 27 weeks pregnant, the pregnancy blues may be waving over you occasionally. With all of the pressure and expectations of new moms to know everything and do everything correctly, it may be the right time to start finding out the truth about parenting and what to expect. The best suggestion may be to figure out who is the person you respect most as a mother, and pick her brain. Some moms have trouble with feedings while others have trouble with sleep patterns; breastfeeding vs. formula feeding; daycare vs. stay-at-home; the topics of concern can be endless. Discussing your fears and educating yourself as much as possible can be the best way to prepare yourself for the most important job you’ll ever have: mommy.

Each and every week brings more new and amazing characteristics for your little one. With last week focusing on hearing and this week emphasizing sight, your baby is growing into a true baby right inside that tummy of yours. All of this baby-making (not the fun kind) can be exhausting and take a toll on your energy and mental clarity, though. Talk about your worries, research your concerns, and read about parenting and babies; by having information from a variety of sources, you’ll feel more secure. By taking advantage of any time you have to rest and relax at 27 weeks pregnant, you’ll benefit yourself and your baby that much more.

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