28 Weeks Pregnant

By 28 weeks pregnant, you are most definitely feeling all of the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) aspects of pregnancy. Your baby is developing at a very fast rate in a very different way than she was in her early weeks. With the focus of her growth now being on putting on weight and mastering the functions of sight, hearing, breathing, etc., she is developing into a far more complex and amazing being than she was in her “tadpole stage”. Still requiring much more time to be able to fully function outside the womb, your baby needs to have the best of the best nutrition, hydration, and sleep and the most time in the womb over the next 12 weeks.

At 28 weeks pregnant, you have probably become accustomed to watching your weight gradually climb, and it will continue to do so for the remaining weeks in order to provide the body fat necessary for your little one. At almost 15” long and weighing in at just over 2 pounds, your baby is going to be putting a lot of effort in building her body mass in these remaining twelve weeks. Imagine how much work it will require to triple or quadruple her body weight in just 3 months! Healthy, natural, non-processed foods will deliver the most usable and efficient form of calories for her weight-gain… and yours.

With your baby’s movements becoming more pronounced in your increasingly snug belly, you may start noticing her likes and dislikes about everything from lying in a certain position, being in a certain loud or bright environment, or certain sweet or spicy foods. Believe it, or not, some moms report feeling a sugar effect in their babies while pregnant! How’s that for evidence supporting a correlation between sugar and hyperactivity? By becoming more aware of her likes and dislikes, you can create the most comfortable environment for her. As a new mom, you will be spending a lot of time figuring out schedules and trying to determine what makes your baby the happiest; starting during pregnancy may sound far-fetched, but what better way to determine your baby’s sleep schedule than to be with her around the clock the way you are now? Use this time to your advantage in any way you can!

Being 28 weeks pregnant can bring about a lot of mixed feelings, but try to focus on the amazing growth that’s taking place inside your belly each and every day. Although she still needs each and every day of these remaining twelve weeks to build her immunity and complete the development of all of her tiny body’s systems, these weeks will fly by! With each day that you take to prepare yourself for her birth, you’re that much more ready to mentally handle the entire process of labor and delivery. And every article or page you read about parenting makes you that much more educated and aware than you were before! Utilize this time wisely for the next twelve weeks may pass much faster than you’d thought.

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