29 Weeks Pregnant

With only 11 weeks to go until the birth of your little one (who’s not so little anymore), you’re probably running the full gamut of emotions on any given day. At 29 weeks pregnant, the baby shower, nursery, lamas class, and parenting cbooks are only a few baby needs requiring your attention… and just like a computer with too many programs open, you might find yourself getting a little overwhelmed and not running at your optimal functioning. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, gracefully decline an offer of extra work assignments, or let the kitchen floors go unswept for a day. With only 11 weeks left of your pregnancy, now is the time to try to reserve as much relaxation, peace, and sanity for when the baby arrives… and people will and should understand that!

At 29 weeks pregnant, you have successfully entered the third trimester! Being in the last third of your pregnancy can feel like a major relief. You’ve probably gained somewhere around 25 pounds by now, and your belly definitely gives away your pregnancy. Your uterus is far past your belly button, now, making your eating habits uncomfortable if you’re not careful. Because of the limted space being taken up more and more so by your growing baby, you may suffer from heartburn, feel nauseous, or even vomit following meals that are too large or acidic. Try to eat smaller, more frequent meals that don’t provoke indigestion. With much of the focus of the upcoming weeks being on the baby, you should take as much time for yourself as possible. Rest, relax, pamper yourself, spend quality one-on-one time with your partner and your children, and try to create a refreshed and ready version of yourself for when your little one arrives.

Your belly is growing larger each day, and that’s definitely due to your 15 inch and 2 1/2pound bundle of joy who, now, resembles a large eggplant! Although his length is rapidly approaching what he’ll be at birth, his weight has to catch up considerably. This last minute demand for body fat is why the last few weeks of the pregnancy’s weight gain is, on average, about a pound per week. You can help make this time of amazing growth the most beneficial by consuming a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, drinking lots of water, and getting as much rest as possible. The importance of every day throughout this pregnancy cannot be comparatively measured, but 29 weeks pregnant, forward, will mark vast growth and development in your baby that needs to be promoted in any way possible.

29 weeks pregnant is a huge milestone for mom and baby! The third trimester brings a welcome end of the pregnancy into sight, which means you will soon get to meet your baby boy or girl. With all of the baby’s energy being focused on the development of his bones, musculature, and rapidly increased brain functioning, your energy should be preserved, nourished, and maintained through a healthy diet, hydration, and rest. Keep in mind: not only are healthy food choices going to promote your baby’s healthy growth via the abundance of valuable vitamins and minerals absolutely necessary for optimal bone, muscle, and brain development, your energy, mental clarity, and mood can depend heavily on what you put in your body from this week forward.

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