30 Weeks Pregnant

This is another exciting week for mommy and baby! Having made it past the third trimester point, you are, both, only weeks away from meeting one another! At 30 weeks pregnant, there’s only 10 more weeks, give or take, and you will be bringing into this world one of the most influential beings of your life! If you haven’t yet started to research labor and delivery, the birthing process, and what will happen within the following hours to the following weeks after the birth, now is a great time to start. There are a ton of books and websites on the web that can inform you about any questions or concerns you may have. It’s better to go into the delivery room as peaceful and knowledgeable as possible.

Weighing in at almost 3 pounds this week, your baby is starting to put on some of that adorable baby fat! Growing in length as well, at approximately 15-16 inches long this 30th week of your pregnancy, your baby will use the next 10 weeks to fill out the tiny newborn frame you’ll be amazed with for ever! With all of the quick growth (growing from almost invisible to a 7 pound 20 inch long baby in only 40 weeks is pretty “quick”, right?) now filling out your belly, you’re probably able to determine everything from your baby’s arms, knees, feet, and her head, back, and butt. At first, feeling your baby move can be quite awesome, but actually seeing your baby’s body move around inside your own can be pretty wild, too!

At 30 weeks pregnant, you may be feeling super-tired, moody, unsure about certain foods, and in the bathroom all the time! Sound familiar? Just when you thought your pregnancy was absolutely perfect, you’re jerked back to the beginning all over again… but there’s hope! 1) Trouble sleeping? Use pillows between your knees and under your belly or back, a different sleeping location (the couch or a lazy boy recliner), and just get more of it – naps of an hour or two at any time throughout the day can work wonders! 2) Loss of energy? Keep moving! Exercise not only makes your body and your mind feel better, but can help you feel better about your pregnant appearance. Make sure that you limit your “workouts” to brisk walks (and sit-ups are out, by the way!) and really low-key and painless activities. This suggestion works triple-duty: healthy activity for mom and baby, increased blood circulation and joint-pain relief, and an easier delivery. 3) Trouble eating? The dramatically reduced space in your tummy may make your favorite meal a no-no all over again, but you can find relief in safe antacids approved by your physician, smaller meals throughout the day, and avoiding anything too spicy or “strange” that could trigger the eject button.

30 weeks pregnant marks yet another milestone of only 10 weeks left until your baby makes her debut! With only these few short weeks remaining, try to maintain a low-key and pampered lifestyle as much as possible. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep is the best remedy for most ailments in pregnancy. Don’t be discouraged by your tiredness, moodiness, or frustrations with food because you can take a lot of control of your not-so-fabulous symptoms by just paying more attention to what your body needs. 10 weeks will go by quickly, so rest up and prep yourself and everyone else for the big changes about to take place… while resting up!

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