32 Weeks Pregnant

With only 8 weeks left until your expected delivery date, the excitement is mounting! At 32 weeks pregnant, your life is probably revolving more around the baby’s first days, weeks, and months rather than your pregnancy, now. The nursery and plans of how things will flow (optimally) are probably your main areas of focus and are keeping your mind on more happy thoughts than your constant need to pee. Either way, try to keep your thoughts on the positive things that are within your control. Any questions, concerns, or fears can, more often than not, be calmed by learning as much as you can about that topic, so use this quiet pre-baby time to read, read, read!

“Uncomfortable” can probably be the term most commonly associated with this point of pregnancy. Although happy, delighted, and excited are more common terms to describe the emotions, the cumbersome size and extra weight of 32 weeks pregnant can be a real exhausting aspect to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy to grow a belly 10 times its original size! By doing all you can (anything within your control), you can ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Sitting, reclining, sleeping, walking, and eating should not be uncomfortable all the time. Nights of discomfort may just require a different position, and bland foods in small amounts may be the ticket to digestion comfort. Just try to adjust your lifestyle to focus on the good and minimize the bad.

Congratulations to your little one! With all of the amazing growth she’s made in these past 32 weeks of pregnancy, she is looking like her real self. Although she still has roughly 2 months until she makes her debut, she is now about 4 pounds and between 15 and 17 inches in length, the size of a small watermelon! Everything in her body is just “improving” from here, on out. Her weak bones of spongy cartilage are hardening into bone, her brain is rapidly firing, her muscles are getting stronger, and her new layers of body fat are giving her skin the beautiful pink rosy color and suppleness of the ever-adorable baby skin! The amazing average weight gain of a pound per week from 32 weeks pregnant until your baby’s birth will be the remaining majority of her body fat!

32 weeks pregnant is just a lot more growing for mommy and baby. With your little one making dramatic improvements in her bones, muscles, brain functioning, and weight, she’s getting ready for her debut date just 8 short weeks away! And, you! With all of the things you’ve noticed about yourself and the baby, and how to make everyone more comfortable, you’re a great mom already… and the baby’s not even here yet! Try to maintain the calm and collected feelings that bring you peace and quiet, and use this time to read and prepare for the weeks following the birth. Discomfort and annoying quirks about this time will soon subside, and doing what you can to minimize them is the best plan of action available. Try to stay positive and optimistic, and everyone will benefit.

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