33 Weeks Pregnant

The excitement of your baby’s rapidly approaching arrival can leave your head spinning! Like most women at 33 weeks pregnant, you’re probably so concentrated on your baby that there’s little left unplanned. With the name, nursery, and delivery planned out perfectly, you’re well on your way to bringing your little one into the world! With only a few short weeks to go, try to keep up the momentum of staying positive, living healthy every day, and trying to keep your mind on all of the wonderful aspects of your pregnancy and the upcoming birth of your baby.

Having gained more weight than ever before in your life, your body has now become a belonging of your baby’s! At some points you may feel like an incubator with the only purpose being to create this little person’s body, and it actually may help to think that way. Weight gain, cravings, nausea, and daily discomforts can become annoying… if you forget that it’s all for the greater good of your baby. Try to remain optimistic about the last few weeks of your pregnancy by remembering that all of these backaches and waves of fatigue will soon be gone, and replaced by an amazing gift your body created in only 40 weeks! You’ve made it to 33 weeks pregnant, and you only have 7 more to go!

If you think you’re getting bigger every week, you’d be amazed at the size of your little one! Topping the charts at over 4 pounds now, and as long 17 inches, your baby could be as large as a bag of flour! What’s more amazing is that she’ll be putting on an average of ½ pound per week from now until her birth. At 33 weeks pregnant, you may be eager to have your pregnancy over with, and to be able to meet your baby as soon as possible, but keep in mind that every day she remains in your womb is another day of amazing growth for her body and her brain. Putting on her “baby fat” that will keep her body warm and protected, developing important connections in her brain, and (one of the most important aspects) maturing her lungs and learning how to breathe are only a couple processes that still need work in these very important remaining weeks, so hang in there!

With all of the anticipation mounting, 33 weeks pregnant can be a time of excitement, anxiety, and readiness. Remaining calm and collected as much as possible, and maintaining an optimistic focus on the brighter sides of your pregnancy can really help your mental state in these last weeks. Remember your body’s purpose is to provide the safest environment for your baby’s last weeks of development prior to her birth. Although you may feel ready to have her, keep in mind the importance of her staying put until she’s actually able to arrive. With mom and baby making great strides, all is moving along in the right direction, and the remaining few short weeks are all that lie between you and your little one!

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