34 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations for reaching 34 weeks pregnant! The weeks are flying by, and yet also crawling by. With all of the wonderful things to look forward to in the birth of your little one, it can be difficult to not be anxious and excited about getting to the birth as quickly as possible; just remember that every day your baby stays put is another day for her to put on her baby weight and make some major progress in all of her body’s functions. In your womb is the safest place for her to be right now, but she will be arriving in just a few short weeks!

Weighing in at between 4 and 5 pounds (the size of a large pot roast), and measuring as long as 18 inches in length, your baby is growing at an amazing rate! In the third trimester alone, she will have doubled or tripled her body weight! Because all babies vary (as the stories you’ve heard by now have dramatically illustrated!), the estimated weights and lengths are average estimates but cannot be definitive measurements for each and every baby. Now that your baby is able to hear and sense sounds, she may wake when familiar voices speak around her… even in the middle of the night. At 34 weeks pregnant, you may be more tuned in to her waking and sleeping patterns. If you’ve noticed she’s already waking more at night and sleeping more during the day, it may not be a bad idea to purchase a book on correcting your newborn’s sleep cycle for your quiet pre-baby-birth reading.

At 34 weeks pregnant, you’re, no doubt, looking (and feeling) more pregnant by the day. Your belly may be taking up more room in your bed, at your desk, and behind your steering wheel. Your growing baby is making major advancements daily, and focusing on that important growth can make the discomfort of these last weeks a little lighter. Adjusting your weight, making sure your baby isn’t conveying her discomfort, and trying to relax whenever possible can be the keys to remaining sane these last few weeks. Knowing that the end is near, but not quite here can be bitter-sweet. Hang in there, and spend your time educating yourself on anything and everything that may peak your interest – newborn sleeping patterns, maybe?

Making it further and further into your pregnancy, you’ve reached 34 weeks pregnant! With only a few short weeks remaining, you may be uncomfortable increasingly so, but you can find peace in that all of these uncomfortable and undesirable sensations will soon pass and be traded in for your healthy baby! Sleep, sound nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle can make life easier for all. Your baby is putting on much needed weight every day, and all of the nutrition she needs for that weight is still through you… so keep that in mind when you make your smart food choices. Only weeks remain until your baby will be here and you will no longer be an “expectant” mommy. Savor these days of anticipation – once gone, they can’t be recaptured.

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