35 Weeks Pregnant

The amazing birth of your baby is only a few short weeks away! At 35 weeks pregnant, you may even be on a daily countdown to the due date! No doubt, family members are taking their pick and placing their bets on the true date your baby will be born. Although some of your loved ones may foresee you delivering early, be easy on those who think your due date may be a little early. Nobody knows the true date a baby will be born, its just one of those wonderful surprises in life! The excitement of a new baby can be contagious, and you may notice that the older women relatives like mothers, mothers-in-law, etc. may start acting more excited than you and your partner. Try to be allowing, but if it gets to be too much, you can remove yourself from situations or ask your partner to mention something lightly. The truth is that this baby’s birth is about you and your baby, so your decisions are the decisions.

Your baby has most likely reached the 5 pound mark! At 35 weeks pregnant, you’re belly’s size is what it is because you are now carrying around a 5 pound, almost 18 inch baby in there! Some babies are this size born at full-term! Taking this time to continue adding more weight to her tiny frame, your baby is spending all of her energy on making herself perfect! Her brain continues to develop important connections, her muscles continue to strengthen, and her skeleton continues to take more of a hardened structured shape. All of this is going on while she floats in her increasingly snug space. Whether she has moved into the downward position yet, or not, is not of concern now; most babies who turn can do so at any point from this time until the birth. So, don’t worry about anything!

At 35 weeks pregnant, you may find yourself very moody. Although this is a common occurrence, it can be very bothersome to feel out of control of your emotions. Returning to the point in time earlier in the pregnancy when hormone changes were making you moody, try to implement the same remedies that worked to relieve tension then. If exercise works to alleviate your moodiness, take walks more often or anytime you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Maybe sleep, massage, “down time” of just relaxation and a good movie, or staying away from certain people and situations can all help to improve your mood. With only a few short weeks to go, try to stay positive and keep your focus on yourself and the baby. Hope that others will understand, but know that its not the end of the world if they don’t.

35 weeks pregnant is yet another week off the list for you and another benchmark of amazing growth and improvement for your baby! With more weight and more successful development, your baby is working hard to perfect her perfection. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed in these last few weeks, just try to alleviate any negative mood changes with remedies that may have helped earlier on in the pregnancy. Talk about your frustrations with your partner and close friends to feel a better sense of understanding and support. Keep focused on the positive, too: all of the great things you’ve worked so hard for in these past months will soon be tangible… you are soon going to get to hold the baby of your dreams!

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