36 Weeks Pregnant

Now that your thoughts are, literally, only on your upcoming delivery, have you stopped to wonder, “What on Earth did you think about all day every day before you were pregnant?” Funny concept, huh? At 36 weeks pregnant, your focus is surely on your baby, your pregnancy, the birth, and the four remaining weeks of the unknown. That’s a lot in itself. With everything in good order, and mom and baby doing well, there’s not much to do with your pregnancy except wait for your bouncing baby to arrive. Instead of taking this as sullen news, consider it a pass to let your mind wander, experience things other than baby kicks, and feel the freedom of pregnancy (comparative to after the baby arrives!). With all of the things that will be happening following the breaking of your water, consider this time of waiting a gift of peace and pleasure… and enjoy.

At 36 weeks pregnant, your belly is probably huge! Considering the fact that your baby could weigh in between 5 and 6 pounds and be as long as 18½”, your belly should be huge! With the size comparisons of the past weeks having been with fruit and baking essentials, your baby can now be compared to an actual baby! It is not uncommon for babies to be born at 5-6 pounds and 18”- 19” at full-term (or even past due!). While the size of your baby in particular may still remain a mystery, keep in mind that she will remain where she is until she’s good and ready to come out! Her weight, lung development, and brain development have to collectively mature before she’ll even think about being born!

With your balance, hormones, and sleep schedules completely out of whack, consider these last 4 weeks an opportunity to take in some relaxing and refreshing activities that require you to do very little. Getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, seeing a movie, going out for meals, and seriously enjoying some extended peaceful bath time can make a world of difference at this stage of the game! At 36 weeks pregnant, take in enjoyable activities, create serene moments, and indulge in things that will soon be in limited supply. Consider these last few weeks a gift, savor each and every day, and treat yourself… you deserve it!

Whew! 36 weeks pregnant, and you have almost completely created and delivered a human being who will contribute great things to this world! Congratulations to you! With only 4 short weeks to go, take the time to focus on yourself… you’ll be spending the majority of the time after your baby’s birth focusing on her. Anything you would thoroughly enjoy is suggested for daily indulgence between now and your delivery. Also, surprise! “Full-term” is between 37 and 42 weeks so, although most babies are born close to their due date, your baby could be arriving at any time! You learn something great (in this case, absolutely wonderful!) every single day!

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