37 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations are in order yet again! At 37 weeks pregnant, you are well on your way to the due date of your baby… one of the most amazing, and highly anticipated, days of your life!! As you move farther along in your pregnancy and approach closer and closer to the due date, continue getting things in order and planning as much as you possibly can. When all else fails, its best to be prepared for whatever may come up. As soon as you enter the 37th weeks of pregnancy, your baby is considered full-term, so you can breathe a sigh of relief if you’ve been even remotely concerned about having your baby prematurely and any serious consequences that could result. Bottom line: all is well!

At 37 weeks pregnant, you are going to have a busy couple of weeks. Try as you may to remain calm and relaxed, the truth is that every day could possibly be the last of this pregnancy. If you haven’t done so yet, your preregistration at your hospital is an excellent pre-labor option to take advantage of; trying to remember your lamaz technique and breathing through unspeakable contractions doesn’t exactly make for the most comfortable time period to fill out paperwork… or to find out that you’re not able to have an epidural because you hadn’t preregistered for it! Contact your hospital to find out how and where you can preregister. Another thing that could take place this week is a Strep B test. Strep B is a bacteria in and around the vaginal and rectal area that, if passed to the baby, could cause serious health problems like pneumonia, sepsis (a blood disease), or even meningitis! If your Strep B test comes back positive, don’t fret. Preventative measures will be taken to ensure that your labor and delivery goes so your baby is guarded from any possible infection.

Speaking of your beautiful baby, the day of your meeting is fast approaching! At an average of 6 pounds and as long as 19 inches, your baby is moving right along! If your baby were to be born today and all post-delivery observations came back positive, she would be considered a healthy newborn. Although it can be relieving to think of delivering early, keep in mind that many women go well past their due date, and many women have to be induced. It is not uncommon for a woman to need to be induced at 2 weeks past her due date! At 37 weeks pregnant, patience plays as much of a major role now as it did early on… maybe even more so. Just be happy that your baby will know the right time to come out, and all you can do is focus on delivering a happy, healthy baby!

37 weeks pregnant is a big week! With preventative testing, preregistration, and a lot of questions and information about the labor and delivery, it could be an overwhelming time for anybody. A great suggestion to minimize the intensity or confusion of information overload, bring someone you trust to any important appointments from now until the delivery; if you miss a piece of info, forget a question, or don’t even think to voice an important concern, you’d be surprised how well an overly anxious expectant father can question, retain, and reproduce important facts and questions about the wellbeing of his baby and his partner! With patience in high demand this week, use each and every day as just another to pamper yourself and learn something new!

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