39 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! At 39 weeks pregnant, you are literally days away from meeting your baby! How amazing is it to have made it through all those pregnancy experiences and actually get this close to the end? You’re probably thinking about all of the different emotions that are coming and going in waves, the last minute details that just have to be right before the baby arrives, and of course the rollercoaster of exhaustion and anticipation that will probably continue until the birth. With just days left to prepare, perfect, and complete everything possible, try to take a breather and relax when you can!

At 39 weeks pregnant, you are… looking like you’re due any day! With the weight you’ve gained by the 39th week of your pregnancy feeling like a complete drain on your fragile frame, you’re ready to deliver and be relieved of all of the extra pounds! Keeping up any exercise regimen you’ve adhered to, maintaining a balanced diet of fruit and veggies, and getting as much rest and relaxation you can possibly get will ensure you’re ready to go when you’re ready to deliver! With your hospital bag packed and your focus on having your baby asap, try to keep your mental state as positive as possible by keeping yourself busy with little tasks (but not going crazy or getting too obsessed about completing big projects – nesting can make you absolutely insane!). With just a few short days left of your pregnancy, try to get things wrapped up while taking care of yourself in preparation for one of the most important moments of your life!

Your baby is now the size of… a baby! At 39 weeks pregnant, the size of your baby is dependant on such a large number of factors that it would be hard to determine even an estimate of your baby’s weight and length without the aid of an ultrasound. Super tiny women can naturally deliver 10 pound babies while women who’ve gained in excess of 70 pounds can deliver 6 pound babies, so there’s no way to know until your baby actually makes her first appearance. Either way, your baby is spending each and every day she has in your left in your womb continuing to build strength and prepare for the birth. As excited as you are about meeting your little one, imagine her amazement at having the opportunity to actually meet the woman whose voice she’s heard all day every day for almost a year!

39 weeks pregnant can evoke a ton of emotions! With all of the anticipation of your baby’s birth, you may feel very ready or you may feel completely unprepared. Just know that you will be fine, you will figure things out, and that there is nothing you will encounter that hasn’t been encountered before! Have faith in yourself and find peace in the fact that you’ve made it this far! Your healthy baby will be arriving shortly, and your nerves and excitement will be put at ease! Hang in there, and take care of yourself knowing you’ve done the best you could. No matter how your delivery goes – according to plan or otherwise, there is no question that you will be witness to a miracle that will change your life forever!

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