8 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Advice | What to Expect

Welcome to week #8 of your pregnancy! Congratulations, and hold on tight because, for many, this is an important and exciting week! More often than not, this is the week of your first appointment with your doctor or midwife. Taking a little longer than the average annual appointment, this meeting will allow you to confirm your pregnancy and do the blood and urine tests to ensure your body is responding to the pregnancy as it should. If you haven’t been informed as of yet, you’ll probably find out your due date. After going over your medical history and delving a little into the baby’s father’s family history to determine any risks, the events of your remaining pregnancy and prenatal appointments will be covered. Although this appointment may seem nerve-racking, just try to remain calm and comfortable and spend the time you have getting to know your doctor. If you think it will help, you can always prepare a list of questions or concerns that can be addressed in this appointment.

In addition to meeting the person who will most likely bring your child into this world, you may have the opportunity to hear the baby’s heartbeat or even see it on an ultrasound! Aside from the ultrasound performed between weeks 16 and 20 that will determine your baby’s sex, this first encounter with your little one will solidify the fact that you’re actually carrying around a little person who will change your life! Because most women don’t feel the baby moving at this point, actually hearing or seeing your little one can bring you the peace of mind that the little stick you pee’d on not long ago was telling the truth. There is, in fact, a tiny (very tiny) person in there!

Most women report unsettling feelings about the possibility of miscarrying throughout much of their pregnancy. Although the possibility is very real, your mind can be put at ease that your chances of miscarrying drop significantly after the eighth week. If still troubled by the possibility, you can take matters into your own hands as much as possible by taking precautionary measures; try to ensure that your baby has the healthiest environment in which to spend the next 32 weeks by eating a nutritious diet of iron-rich foods, taking a daily prenatal vitamin, engaging in daily exercise, getting more than enough rest, reducing your caffeine intake, and (of course!) living a life free of any bad habits – smoking, drinking, drugs- for the remainder of your pregnancy. Remember: your body has the task of creating a life over the course of just forty weeks! By taking the best care of yourself, you are taking the best care of your baby!

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