9 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Advice | What to Expect

You are now 9 weeks pregnant! Congratulations are in order, because if you are one of the unlucky mommy’s-to-be who suffer from morning sickness, this and the next weeks are your last of the worst! Although this pregnancy will last for forty weeks (or longer, in some cases ), a lot of things will be happening to both you and the baby each and every one of them! For the next 31 weeks, you and your body are going to be very busy trying to create the best environment for your baby to thrive, so if you’re wondering what’s going on in your body and with the baby, here’s some information on the goings on at 9 weeks pregnant.

If this is your first baby, you’re probably still fitting into your pre-maternity clothes… but they may be getting a bit snug. As long as you feel comfortable and are able to breathe and move without difficulty, your still able to sport your clothes with a little more curve and cleavage (hey, why not?). As stated earlier, morning sickness symptoms tend to peak around the 9th and 10th weeks of pregnancy, so if you suffer from nausea, you’re almost out of the woods. Fatigue is the most common symptom at 9 weeks pregnant, so try to stay as rested as possible. If you’re feeling overly tired, you can try naps, opting for certain foods, eliminating certain elements (like caffeine) of your diet, and starting a good exercise routine; it can be astounding the impact a 10-20 minute walk can have on your body and your mind!

In the 9th week of pregnancy, your baby is growing by leaps and bounds! At already 1” long, she is well on her way to filling out, and filling in your belly. If you’ve seen pictures of embryos at this stage, you’ve probably noticed the tadpole-like tail; at 9 weeks, your baby’s tail is starting to disappear and she is starting to look more like a real baby! This is her last week as an embryo, too. As of next week, she will have entered the “fetus” stage! The fingers and toes you dream about are also forming beautifully from what used to look like paddles. Another amazing point she’s reached is that she now has all of her major organs! Even her muscles and nerves are in place and ready to go!

At this point in your pregnancy, you’re still in your early stages. It can be easy to get caught up in “counting down”, but try to relish in the time you have being “one” with your baby. You will be the one to feel her move, know her schedules, and feel her likes and dislikes (eat spicy calamari in your 39th week and you’ll understand!). The time goes fast, so staying focused on getting everything done should be enough to keep you occupied. As long as you try to remain calm and stress-free throughout the many weeks ahead, the time will fly by soon enough and you’ll be looking back on today like it “was just yesterday.”

In case your “pregnancy brain” has kicked in already, here’s a recap of the goings-on while you’re 9 weeks pregnant. For you, morning sickness will start to subside over this week and next; you may not need maternity clothes just yet, but you’re probably sensing a change in your body shape; and you’re best bet to ensure a healthy pregnancy is to start a good diet, exercise program, and daily flossing regimen. For your little one, she’s losing her tadpole tail and is on her way to looking like an actual baby! All major organs and extremities are developing nicely, and she’s almost out of the embryonic stage.

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